The idea behind Manyfolds

During his many years as an innovation & IT consultant Frank Thomsen held a large number of design thinking workshops, that included the preparation of paper- and cardboard-based workshop material – from the cardboard-smartphone to whole Point-of-Sale mockup designs.

During a preparation for one of the design thinking workshops, Frank thought: What if these preparations could be as automated and standardized as possible, so there would be a device, that prints the patterns on a standard-sized cardboard in one process, makes dents in the cardboard for better bending and then cuts them in the right places? Frank tried a few things in a CAD software, did some research and calculations, and finally designed and protected the Manyfolds machine that became the centerpiece of a completely new cardboard furniture business model.

It began with the idea to build cardboard design thinking materials. The orange thing next to the car is a “carton dent tool” that was 3D-printed, in order to “pre-dent” the cardboards for better folding within the workshop.

Founder & CEO Frank Thomsen