The holidays can come! 

Design custom shipping gift boxes yourself.
And have them delivered in just 6-10 days.

Now is the time to pack special goods. 

...and that for sure, for sure.

It's not too late to put together a special package for your employees, friends or business partners! Take advantage of Manyfolds' unique technology today and put together the perfect, secure holiday packaging in just a few clicks. With an "Oh..." and "Ah...!" guarantee, because your packaging will not only look good, the goods inside will also arrive arrive intact and in top condition.

But the benefits go even further:

  • Really cheap: Save yourself the expensive packaging designer. With Manyfolds you create professional, secure packaging designs yourself in just a few seconds. As many as you want and completely free of charge. Only when you order your packaging, you pay for the production.
  • Really fast: Your individual packaging will be produced and delivered in only 6-10 days. Ordered by 14.12., guaranteed to be there before Christmas. 
  • Really eco-friendly: only recycled corrugated cardboard, plastic-free, no other environmentally harmful filling materials.

Express individual packaging for any occasion

Make Manyfolds your packaging control center. Whether it's for a virtual Christmas party, a gift for employees, or to surprise your best customers with something special: Manyfolds packaging is the ideal, secure choice for gift shipments.

There are hardly any limits to the variety of applications when it comes to festive and safe packaging:

  • Christmas boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Shipping boxes for corporate gifts
  • Welcome packages for employees
  • Boxes and boxes for employee gifts
  • Effective shipping packaging for special goods

There is hardly a better way to safely package special goods. Because with Manyfolds, shipping packaging becomes "hybrid packaging": Thanks to the inserts, the goods are presented in a particularly environmentally friendly and visually very appealing way, even without their own outer packaging. This makes the recipient of the goods feel particularly valued, and at the same time you set an example for sustainability.

Frank Thomsen

CEO, Manyfolds Ltd.

Everything is tidied up nicely.
And: Everything is always packed equally well, no matter who packs it.

Perfect goods protection, so that e.g. glass jars also arrive safely.

Personal greeting via the Welcome Spacer: effectively place greeting card, advertising insert or personal cover letter.

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