The cardboard furniture system

We believe that furniture should play a big part in the effort to lessen our environmental footprint. Manyfolds is a system that offers you the world of furniture shapes & sizes, made out of sustainable carton material which is light, yet astonishingly strong and durable.

You need a bar with stools for a spontaneous party? Check. You need a better, more fitting cupboard in your dormitory room? Check. Are you ready to practically print every furniture you can imagine? Manyfolds is the answer.

The core – What is Manyfolds?

Manyfolds is a new eco-friendly cardboard furniture system that is not only practical but a whole lot of fun! And the products will be as unique, as you can imagine.

  • Select from hundreds of different cardboard furniture designs
  • Customize the selected products in width & height
  • Choose from a variety of carton qualities, colors & prints
  • Plus: Get all the accessories you need to make your cardboard furniture setup perfect!

Design possibilities: Unlimited

Manyfolds‘ open design philosophy puts virtually no limits on creativity. Renowned international artists and the art gallery like to work with Manyfolds on many levels.
A whole new dimension of art is possible, limited editions, event & brand design, individual hotel series and so much more. A synthesis of design, function & identity like never before.

Strong & durable

It’s the inside, that counts. Nothing could be more true when it comes to stability and durability. The unique folding and stabilizing technique is making every Manyfolds furniture tough and strong. This is made possible by special software algorithms (some would even call it AI), that help our designers to create not only stunning design patterns, but real cardboard furniture that will last longer than expected.

Couch outside view

Couch X-Ray view: Layers under the seating area

A unique folding/pattern design system

The Manyfolds furniture assembly will be very easy. In fact, it will be breeze. That’s why we invested some time in developing easy to understand folding and setup instructions that are be printed right on the cardboard.

You too can be a designer

Manyfolds is an open design market place – so you can be a furniture designer yourself and make some money with it! It’s like an app store business model: You create a new furniture design via our upcoming Manyfolds EasyCAD Software and upload it to the Manyfolds Marketplace. After inspection, verification and approval, your design can be bought and downloaded by the Manyfolds customers. Every time someone picks your design, you’ll get reimbursed. Great, isn’t it?

More Aspects & Info

Improve lives

This project has a lot of potential, especially for the developing countries. Let’s develop solutions & partnerships to make life easier, healthier and happier for those in need.
And Manyfolds could be one important piece of the big picture, to actually have less environmental impact on this beautiful earth. [more]


Get to know more about the production techniques, the ordering mechanisms and how the Blockchain Technology will be interwoven in the whole concept. [more]


Manyfolds is a well prepared project – that needs your contribution. We aim to raise €600,000 through our next seed funding campaign. With this initial funding we will be able to setup the company and get public funding on a greater scale. [more]

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