Better late than never. That’s what they told me. So many friends and good advisers talked me into it. So here it comes: This is my (hopefully) weekly blog about the conquest of making Manyfolds something real.

It will be all in English. Why? Because Manyfolds is planned to be an international venture from the start. The potential is just enormous, especially in developing countries.

So these are the things that will bring Manyfolds forward in the upcoming days:

  • Relaunch/re-editing of the current Homepage
  • Preparations for more public pitches –> The next pitch will be at „TechDays“ in Munich, on the 14th of May
  • Preparations for the first investment talks (next week)
  • PR Things…

So this is it – if you like to comment, please feel free to do so!

All the best,


Author FrankT

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