A well prepared project – that needs your contribution

Since half a year a zillion preparations were made to make this idea a reality. We developed the Manyfolds platform concept, developed a air-tight business plan, secured domains, the name and the core technology, tested out different furniture designs, talked to many potential accessories providers, furniture designers, machine manufacturers & software developers, CAD providers, carton/cardboard manufacturers & many, many more.

The good news: Manyfolds is not only technically possible, it definitely could have a huge impact on the furniture market and be very successful.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to make Manyfolds a reality.

By helping us in this concept stage, you will enable the following next steps:

  • Moving into a bigger home base for Manyfolds:
    Well, it’s actually that simple. We need some space we can work in.
  • Machine purchases: We are already in close talks with renowned machine manufacturers (digital cutters, large format printers). With these machines, we can fine tune our first furniture models and eventually start offering the first real products.
  • Software developments: The core magic will be a middleware software. It will contain algorithms for the creation of the bone & skin structure for every new furniture item.
  • Shop development: Preparation and opening of our Manyfolds online e-commerce shop, so that we can establish our general market reach.
  • PLUS: A successful campaign will help us A LOT to get additional “big” funding –> for going the next steps (production of more machines, international business, etc.)

Within this phase we will let you participate in the “making of Manyfolds”. We will establish our own YouTube Channel where you can see the progress we will make during the company build up + we will show you the ever evolving world of sustainable products & accessories.

What we need & what you get

To make our vision a reality – eco-friendly cardboard furniture in hundreds of shapes & sizes through a new standard technology and via a new cardboard furniture marketplace – will not come cheap. We aim to raise €600,000 through our seed financing campaign. With this initial funding we will be able to setup the company and get public funding on a greater scale.

We believe it can be done, because we thoroughly researched the needed human resources (expertise), the prices for machine purchases, the software development costs and many, many more details. And we calculated in real world scenarios, incl. market-entry costs and a realistic earnings ramp-up.

Risks & Challenges

Manyfolds is a new, partially disruptive concept in the furniture and furniture accessories industry. There are no direct competitors who have the same business model as Manyfolds. This has resulted in intensive research. Apart from the patent protection, the necessary processes, technologies and markets for this project already exist. They are merely recombined by Manyfolds. BUT: This combination is what Manyfolds is all about!

As with any company, the potential risks have to be anticipated and appropriate solutions have to be planned:

  • Software development could take longer than expected
    Solution: Thorough planning, precise specification, working with SCRUM processes, sprint planning
  • Market reach could be smaller than expected
    Solution: Intensive PR and social media coverage, establishing a Manyfolds YouTube Channel
  • Appearance of imitators
    Solution: Very early cooperation with the major suppliers of cardboard furniture and pattern designers to minimize this source of imitators. Use of legal protection options. Early development of international partnerships, optional introduction of a franchise model, early cooperation with the most important carton / corrugated board manufacturers
  • Staffing the company could take longer
    Solution: There are many, very talented people who like to take on new challenges. These people will be activated, e.g. at universities, design schools & engineering colleges. In addition, job advertisements are launched via the usual media, even in regions far from Munich. There will also be a cooperation with the employment office.

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word, spread the word, spread the word!

Helping spread the word on social media or telling colleagues or friends about our campaign would not only be great but awesome! If you have any suggestions of ways you think you can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email (hello@manyfolds.com) or social media. We would love to hear from you and will answer your inquiries as soon as possible.