Manyfolds is ready for seed investing. Definitely. So many things were prepared and tweaked:

  • The fist real demo/prototype cardboard furniture is here! After many design optimizations Manyfolds showed some of the designs at the „Deutscher Business Angels Tag“ in Hamburg (June 18th). The potential investors and guests were very interested and I have to send out a ton of info material and pitch decks.
  • The business plan was revised & and optimized, in German AND in English
  • Manyfolds was pitched at the „Founders Fight Night“ (Munich), the „TechDays“ (Munich) and at venues of the American German Business Club (AGBC) and Venture Capital Club.
  • The Website was tweaked and updated –> have a look at
  • …and a ton of other preparations…

So sorry to have kept you waiting for so long with a blog update!
I will try to do this far more regularly.

AND: If you have potential Angel Investors, that would be interested to take part in the seed financing round, I’m glad to provide them with all the info (business plan, pitch deck, financial plan, etc.).

Thanks again for your interest & your support!

Best regards,
Frank T.

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