Hi Everyone!

Ok, the weekly blog turned into a bi-weekly blog. But I can explain 🙂

A lot has happened in the last few days and I’d like to share with you the progress of Manyfolds:

  •  A new 4-Minute Pitch: For the „TechDays“ in Munich (see picture) on the 14th, I prepared and held a new presentation that pretty much explained the whole thing in „fast-forward“. Was squeezed in between a zillion other presentations. Good talks before and afterwards. But: NO angel investor was around (as advertised), way to few listeners. So: What’s wrong with the German angel scene? Don’t you want to hear about great new ideas? Sad. 😉
  • Traveled to Hamburg, to talk to some seed financing/angel „preparation consultancy“. Interesting, although I found out that I’m currently not that off-track with my pitches/presentations & money seeking. Well, meaning what’s actually possible here in good old Germany…
  • All those talks and new input made it necessary to make another big update to the Manyfolds business & financial plan. That took me a few days. Boy, that’s tough homework!
  • And that’s not all: I edited and relaunched the whole Manyfolds Homepage. Woo!
  • Plus: I designed and ordered a roll-up display for my upcoming events

Some upcoming things & decisions:

  • The guys from „TECHFEST“ (TUM) contacted me. Manyfolds was chosen to participate! „You are one of the lucky few selected start-ups for TECHFEST Munich 2018, meaning: Your team is awesome and unique (as if you didn’t know…) and you had something that impressed us!…“
    That’s great, an honor – but now I’m in a dilemma: At the same weekend (15th to 17th of June + the following Monday) the „Deutscher Business Angels Tag 2018“ is happening in Hamburg – and I’m selected too! I even have a small stand where I present Manyfolds with real cardboard furniture. Practically ALL German business angels are in ONE spot.
  • So I will have to cancel TechFest, where I would have had the chance to dive into the student-start-up scene, develop the furniture on real big machines (within the „MakerSpace“ in Garching) and maybe find potential engineers that could work for Manyfolds. Why is everything happening in June?!
    (by the way: Beside Manyfolds, I’m still working as an innovation consultant – and I have a lot of projects in June as well…)

So that’s it again. I’ll keep you updated!

All the best,


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