The tech behind Manyfolds

Two Production Methods, all the options

  • Central Production: Products will be produced centrally and sent to your home in a convenient package size.
  • Local Production: After establishing the central production, you will be able to produce the selected products yourself with the upcoming Manyfolds Anywhere machine in a local store near you (see picture).

Phase 1: Central Production

Phase 2: Central + Local Production

Use of Blockchain technology

Manyfolds is new and can practically start „greenfield“. That’s why future-oriented technologies are used right from the start. One of them is Blockchain technology to make Manyfolds safe, fast and affordable:

  • Transparent, secure copyright rights management for the cardboard furniture designers
  • Secure order processing from the customer to the machine
  • Optional payment via Bitcoin (Bitpay); other crypto currencies are being evaluated
  • Safe maintenance management of the Manyfolds machines
  • Highly automated supply of consumables
  • Optimized and automated logistics to minimize the environmental footprint