Manyfolds MF1

Produce packaging on site immediately.
Individual, environmentally friendly, secure.

Direct and fast

With Manyfolds' office copier-sized production machine, you can quickly and easily produce your PackPortal-designed packaging directly at the point of packaging. Whether inlays or complete packaging, a wide range of applications are possible.

Send from PackPortal to the machine

Fast, visual online design of the packaging with PackPortal, send production data to MF1 with one click.

Start production on the machine

The corrugated board is cut and creased in just a few minutes, after which the individual packaging parts are ready for removal.

Fold and pack immediately

Easy, quick folding of the individual packaging right after production, always a perfect result.

Small footprint, big impact

The Manyfolds MF1 is arguably the most compact and energy-efficient cutting plotter in the world.

The main body (approx. 80 x 60 cm) fits on a Euro pallet, with material infeed and output the total length is approx. 2.3 meters, with a height of only 1.2 meters. This makes placement directly next to a packing table particularly sensible. Thanks to the endless material (corrugated board in fan-fold), "everythingfrom diving goggles to surfboards" can be packed with the MF1.

Power consumption during production is only about 600 watts, and no high-voltage connection is required because the MF1 does not use a vacuum system. And, unlike other plotters, the machine is downright whisper-quiet (maximum 40dB right next to the machine).

In addition, Manyfolds' overall system enables true sustainability:

  • Smaller packaging, up to 40% less "shipped air".
  • Up to 200g CO2 savings in the logistics process per package
  • Significantly less breakage of goods during transport, thus less waste and returns
  • Monomaterial approach, no separate filling materials (e.g. plastic) necessary
  • The recycled corrugated cardboard used by Manyfolds is 100% recyclable

Wide range of applications, always individual (examples)


Existing cartons can be fitted with Manyfolds grid inlays for high product protection.


Effective product compositions without fillers, at the same time high product safety.

R&D Objects & Medical

Ideal for highly sensitive products such as valuable prototypes or delicate med-tech equipment.

Favorable, consumption-based rates

Subscription prices

Payment plan monthly Payment plan 2-year
319 €
(monthly payment)
249 €
(calculated monthly)

Adds up to €3828
annual cost.
Can be canceled after 12 months, renews automatically, 220 € one-time provisioning cost.

Sums up to 2988 €
annual cost.

Prepayment of 5976 € for 2 years.
Can be canceled after 24 months, renews automatically, 220 € one-time commitment cost.


Save 22%!
(compared to payment plan monthly over 24 months)

Good to know

  • Fair: Material is charged according to actually used m2. The more used in a month, the cheaper the price per square meter.
  • Always enough corrugated board: New material is automatically reordered and sent to the machine operating site.
  • Software included: Use Manyfolds PackPortal to create the packaging digitally and the software on the machine free of charge.
  • Cheap: Save 22% on the 2-year payment plan compared to the 1-year plan.


Monthly consumed sqm sqm price
< 100 m2 7,50 €
> 100 m2 5,50 €
> 300 m2 4,50 €

Please note

  • All prices quoted on this website plus current statutory value added tax.
  • Validity of this price list: Until 30.09.2023
  • Introductory discounts or promotional offers are not listed
  • The Manyfolds MF1 can currently only be ordered via a preliminary contract
  • The first deliveries of the series machine are expected to take place in Q2 2024

For more information on the overall product and sample packaging cost calculations with the Manyfolds machine, please feel free to refer to our more comprehensive brochure. Inquire now at:  

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