Customized packaging.

Fast, safe & environmentally friendly.

Examples of high-speed packaging designs

Product sets

For special, high-quality product combinations with that certain wow effect.

Industrial parts

Ideal for quick construction of packages with grid compartments.

3D printing prototype

For the safe transport of mini-series and single pieces in the field of 3D printing.

Everything speaks for Manyfolds

Never before has there been such a versatile packaging system

Quick design & create

6-10 days delivery time

Increased product protection

Appealing product presentation

Available from small quantities

Use of own outer cartons


No filling material necessary

Excellent recyclability

Only inserts production possible

And it works as simple as this

3 steps to custom packaging

1. enter product dimensions

Enter dimensions (l, w, h) of the product to be shipped. Alternatively, you can scan your product or upload a 3D file (stl. or .obj).

2. design packing

Have your custom packaging created automatically or design it manually.

3. order online

In just 6-10 days from order, you will receive your custom shipping boxes delivered.

Use Manyfolds' unique technology for your own sales success!


Hi-speed packaging creation for maximum sales acceleration

Increase your sales success by easily combining your next consultation with packaging development. Design individual packaging at lightning speed in just one step and interactively involve your customers.


Platform solution for individual packaging creation for end consumers

Want to go one step further and automate your custom packaging sales? With Manyfolds PackPortal Pro, this is now possible. Expand your offer. For your customers in self-service on your website. In your design. For maximum sales potential and satisfied customers. Transform your offer into an all-in-one solution that meets all your customers' needs.

Our contribution to a green future

Because Manyfolds packaging has a big impact.

Less packed air due to size-optimized packaging

No environmentally harmful filling materials

Less breakage due to increased product protection

Less waste & lower energy consumption

Use of recycled materials

What our customers say

"We are happy to have found with Manyfolds a reliable, flexible and spontaneous packaging service. Even before launch, Manyfolds realized our customized packaging." - Sebastian Zeitelhack

"Manyfolds is the best solution for individual, size-optimized inserts and packaging. A packaging system that fits our needs perfectly." - Sabine Ulrich

"We were already efficient in our packaging process, but Manyfolds allowed us to improve even more. Our packaging process is now even more suitable, optimized and environmentally friendly." - Martina Kurz

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