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From the idea of automatically generating foldable objects via software to
first fully digital packaging solution platform

At first, the basic idea was to produce environmentally friendly folding furniture with a software-hardware system in a very simple but versatile way. A web software and a marketplace for (folding) furniture designers should enable a large portfolio of folding furniture solutions. After a trip to Silicon Valley, it became clear in the course of development that the better and by factors larger area of application was in the field of shipping packaging. 

Since mid-2020, we have been successfully revolutionizing the packaging market with a highly motivated team.
Finally, we have created a solution for our packaging problem:

Customized, size-optimized shipping packaging.

On-demand. Environmentally friendly. Hassle-free.

Always & everywhere the right packaging.


Frank Thomsen & Sebastian Gutmann

Sebastian Gutmann (left, sitting), Frank Thomsen (right, standing)


Manyfolds is becoming synonymous with size-optimized, environmentally friendly packaging!

Manyfolds is set to become synonymous with customized, size-optimized and environmentally friendly packaging. Users no longer have to worry about which service, manufacturer or solution to choose for packaging, but can be confident that with Manyfolds they will ALWAYS get the right solution, best in terms of value for money and environmental friendliness. 

OUTLOOK: Manyfolds machine MF1

In the future, the Manyfolds MF1 machine will provide you with everything you need to immediately produce your own packaging, digitally created in the portal:

  • Compact dimensions: The cutting plotter is only as large as an office copier; vertical material processing saves additional space.
  • Fast: Individual packages with inlays are produced in just a few minutes.
  • Cheap: Save 22% on the 2-year payment plan compared to the 1-year plan.

Production machine available Q4 2023; start of advance reservations: Q2 2023


Manyfolds becomes the single point of access for every packaging requirement. Worldwide.

Packaging is needed everywhere - even nature "packages" things worth protecting in a wide variety of forms. Manyfolds wants to create a simple, uniform approach for all users and companies for every packaging requirement in our world of life and goods. Sustainable and always perfectly tailored to the respective requirement. And that worldwide.

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