Algorithm created, perfect packaging patterns

More than 10x more affordable than with conventional methods.

Production-ready packaging patterns

The generated files are in a professional format, so the time to production is minimized.

Unlock the potential of perfect packaging patterns

Algorithm created, perfect, and ready to produce packaging designs. With Manyfolds, you are in the packaging design driver’s seat – even if you aren’t a packaging expert. Unlock the artistry of tailored packaging design and experience the convenience of our algorithm-driven process. Discover the potential of perfect packaging cutting patterns, made 10x more affordable than with conventional methods.
Simply put: Manyfolds is your gateway to optimized packaging solutions.

The editor: Super simple and straight forward.
Just define the products you want to have the packaging for and create a packaging with inserts in seconds.

The generation of the production file: Just one click.
If you are satisfied with your packaging construction, order and download the file right away.

The pricing scheme: Just one price, it’s $49.00 for every professionally generated, production-ready pattern.

The design quality: Excellent.
Thousands of packages were already produced with our professional packaging patterns.

No matter how simple or super-complicated your packaging design is – the price is always $49. Even with many different sized & shaped items in one package, the price stays the same.

But there is even more:

  • You can create as many digital packages as you like, without any costs! The price of $49 is only applicable for the generated production file and only after you explicitely order it.
  • The cardboard production company of your choice has little to no work to use the files with their machinery.

Save big and get your unique packaging pattern NOW.

Get to know the service right here

Some FAQs to clear your doubts:

Q: Am I free to produce the packages with the generated design pattern file with the production company of my choice?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Can I alter my purchased packaging pattern with my own design tools?
A: Sure. You can edit the .dxf file as much as you like. But please note: Design changes are “at your own risk”, altered designs could result in production failures.

Q: I don’t know any production facilities – can you recommend a company that can produce my purchased pattern (turn it into a physical packaging)?
A: Please find a list of applicable production services here: [insert link to services]


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